College of Architecture and Urban Planning


College of Architecture & Urban Planning was founded in August 2006. It consists of the Department of Architecture, the Department of Planning, the Laboratory of Urban & Architectural Environment, World Architecture Review Agency, Architectural Design Institute and Urban Planning & Design Institute.

College of Architecture & Urban Planning has 2 undergraduate specialties: architecture and urban planning. The specialty of architecture, a 5-year program, offers bachelor's degree of architecture, enrolling 60 students annually. And the specialty of urban planning, aslo a 5-year program, enrolls 30 students and offers bachelor's degree of engineering.

College of Architecture & Urban Planning has 4 graduate programs: architectural design & its theories, urban planning & design, architectural history & theories, and architectural technology offering master's degree of architecture and master's degree of engineering.

Architecture is one of the key disciplines at Shenzhen University, as well as the key discipline in Guangdong Province since 1999. It was authorized to grant bachelor's degrees in 1996 by the Educational Evaluation Committee of National Higher Education for Architecture. In 2002, the specialty of "architecture" was awarded the ivy discipline of Guangdong Province.

College of Architecture & Urban Planning has a total number of 597 students, including 466 undergraduate students and 131 graduate students.

International Exchange

International exchanges have been highly regarded since the founding of the college. It not only takes part in various and constant academic exchanges between domestic architecture study of higher education institutions, but actively carries on international exchanges with foreign universities, academic institutions and well-known scholars. The college also encourages "going out" to have academic exchanges. The School of Architecture Hong Kong University and our college have carried out the student's work review for years. In 2004, together with Houston University, our college successfully conducted "China Gate" design contest at China Town Houston, and our students won the first prize. In December 2002, "International Proseminar of East Asian Architectural Culture" was held; in March 2005, "the 2nd Sino-Germany Architecture Proseminar" was successfully conducted; and in 2005, a collaboration agreement was signed with Vienna University of Technology that 3 to 5 students are sent to study in both institutions annually.