College of Arts and Letters

The origin of College of Arts and Letters previously was the Department of Chinese Language and Literatureof Shenzhen University, which was established in 1984 with the famous scholars, Professor Hu Jingzhi and Professor Yue Daiyun, as the first contributers.   In 1996, the Department developed into College of Arts, which consisted of the Department of Chinese language and literature, the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of Advertisement, the Department of Communication and College English Teaching Department.   With the reconstruction of Schools and Departments in Shenzhen University in 2006, a new College of Arts came into being, in which there are 3 teaching units: the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, the Department of Philosophy, and the Teaching Department of History, and 6 research units: the Institute of Classical Chinese Literature, the Institute of Chinese Classics, Contemporary Chinese Creative Writing and Research Center, the Research Center of Literary Theory, Chinese Language Teaching Center, Central Laboratory for Chinese Document and Information Processing.   The college has 17 professors, 21 associate professors, 13 assistant professors. Among them 26 hold PhD degrees and 17 hold Master's degrees.   The college now offers 1 undergraduate Program and 6 postgraduate Programs, which are all open for international students and students coming from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan areas to apply.