College of Economics

College of Economics was established in May 1997, consisting of the old Department of Economics, Department of International Finance & Trade, and the Research Center for Economy of Special Economic Zone(SEZ), Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Department of Economics was Economic Management Department when the University was founded in 1983, then Economic Management Department divided into Department of Economics and Department of Management in 1985, and in 1987 International Trade program was separated from Department of Economics.

College of Economics is the largest school in the University. It offers 5 undergraduate programs: Economics, Finance, International Economics and Trade, Transportations Economics and Logistics, Risk Management and Insurance. It also has nine research institutes named Regional Economics Research Institute, Industrial Economics Research Center, Transportations Economics Research Institute, Risk Management Research Institute, International Economics Research Institute, International Finance Research Institute, WTO Research Center, Logistics Research Institute, Statistics Research Institute, Risk Economics Research Institute. Meanwhile, the college has administration and teaching assistance organizations, such as College Office, Educational Administration Office, Student Office, Information Office, Adult Education and Training Department, and Experiment center, etc.

College of Economics has 7419 students on campus including 240 full-time graduate students, 3398 full-time undergraduate students which account for 1/6 of the University’s full-time students, 194 students from the joint program with University of Central Lancashire (UK), adult education enrolled 3128 students in undergraduate programs and associate programs for continuous education, 450 students in Finance Management self-learning program, and 9 international students for degrees.

College of Economics has a qualified faculty team with high education qualification, academic accomplishment, rich teaching experience, and strong research capability. The college has 92 teaching staff, and 78 full-time teachers, among whom 19 are professors (4 PH. D supervisors), 31 associate professors and 28 lecturers, and 49 full-time teachers hold Ph. Ds and 8 are taking Ph. D courses in their part-time.