College of Mathematics and Statistics

College of Mathematics and Statistics of Shenzhen University was established in July, 2006 by merging two previous departments, namely the Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Science.

The mission of the college  is two-fold: to provide training for mathematicians, and secondly, to conduct  teaching of all mathematics courses in the university. The focus of the college is on undergraduate degree courses, even though the training of research students is developing rapidly with the opening of the degree courses for Master of Education and the close cooperation with Hong Kong. Furthermore, our undergraduate training is basically application-oriented (for example, the training of teachers), with the addition of courses in new areas such as actuarial science and applied statistics. In terms of subject specialization, we intend to consolidate our flagship subject areas so that we will become the leading roles in the country. In terms of service to the society, we put to good use the advantage with a combination of our strength in applied mathematics and the special locality and economic status of Shenzhen. We plan to strengthen our working relationships with Hong Kong and Macau in a number of important areas such as economics, finance, insurance, securities, communications, and engineering. Also, the School is responsible for the teaching of mathematics to 14 other colleges in the university, including that of Science, Engineering, Management , Normal College and so on. Finally, the collegel is also responsible for the teaching of mathematics to research students in the University.

Staff members of the college are also actively involved in secondary school mathematics teaching research, teachers training, the continuing education of secondary school mathematics teachers in Shenzhen, as well as in the Guangdong Province Secondary School Mathematics Teachers Training Scheme. Furthermore, our college staff has also edited secondary school mathematics textbooks, including the “New Concept Mathematics 1-6” series , the “Easy Entry Mathematics A, B” series, which are used extensively by secondary schools in Hong Kong; as well as “Polar Coordinate and Parameters Equations”  used by secondary school in the mainland.