College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering


College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering of Shenzhen University was founded in July 2006. It was originated from the Department of Electronic Engineering and Department of Automation Science of the former Engineering and Technical College.

College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering currently has 2 departments – Mechanic Design & Automation and Automation. It consists of 2 disciplines – Mechanic Engineering and Control Science & Engineering; 2 specialties – Machine Design, Manufacturing & Automation and Automation; 3 programs for Master Degree –Mechatronic Engineering, Mechanic Manufacturing & Automation and Control Theory & Control Engineering; 1 Doctoral research program – Optical Engineering (co-organized by College of Optronics Engineering and College of  Electronic Science and Technology); and 1 provincial key laboratory of Guangdong Provincial Experimental Teaching Model of Engineering. Among theses programs, Mechanic Design & Automation is a famous specialty of Guangdong Province.

There are a few administrative and teaching assistant units in the College , such as administrative office, office of academic affairs, counselor’s office, office of postgraduates and research, reference room, training department and laboratory center. At present, it has a total number of 783 students, which includes 736 undergraduates, 47 Master and Doctoral Degree candidates and 60 students (program co-organized with foreign institutes). During the 10th Five-Year Plan, College Of Mechatronics and Control Engineering has cultivated over 1 000 graduates, with an average annual employment rate of 98%; and 15 Master Degree holders, an average annual employment rate of 100%. Graduates from the College are “broad-visioned, practice-focused, innovation-driven and competition-oriented”. Many of them have become outstanding talents in China.

The College enjoys a good reputation for its experienced, qualified and high-leveled staff with rational age distribution and strong research capability. There are 41 faculty members, among whom 37 are full-time teaching and research staff members, 9 professors, 20 associate professors, 20 Ph. D holders and 1 supervisor for Ph. D candidates. The average age of the faculty members is 40. In addition, there are 2 visiting academicians and 2 Ph. D candidates.

Since the founding of Shenzhen University, we have cultivated generations of students major in Mechanic Manufacturing & Automation and have contributed greatly to the economic development of Shenzhen. With the boost of Shenzhen’s economy, demands for students majoring in Mechanic Manufacturing & Automation are becoming greater. College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering shoulders the important responsibility of providing Shenzhen with a large number of talents (Bachelor Degree and above) majoring in Mechanic Manufacturing & Automation. We must grasp the opportunity and accelerate our development, so as to provide more qualified talents for Shenzhen. Furthermore, we will spare no efforts to strengthen our research and cooperation with enterprises in Shenzhen. We are willing to serve the enterprises and expand Production-Study-Research cooperation, as well as make contribution to the hi-tech industrial development of Shenzhen. We will make dual efforts to develop College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering of Shenzhen University into one of the most influential engineering Colleges with its uniqueness both at home and abroad.

With the principles of “Based in Shenzhen, facing the world and serving local economy; Discovering new contents in traditional industries, supporting the development of local hi-tech industries and forming the innovation source for local hi-tech technologies”, College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering will systematically promote adjustment of academic specialties, perfect innovation and management regulations, comprehensively strengthen teaching quality and research capability. We are striving to develop a high-level, high-quality, dynamic and innovative faculty staff team. We will, with strong sense of responsibility and mission, spare no efforts to develop an influential engineering college nationwide with coordination between teaching and research and with its own uniqueness and strong academic compatibility, so as to realize new progress and development of the College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering.

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