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College of Physics and Energy(CPE) is a successor of the former department of applied physics college of science which was founded in 1985. In Sept. 2006, CPE was set up after merging the former department of applied physics, Institute of Applied Nuclear Technology of Shenzhen University, physics department of the former Normal College. Now the college has three teaching units: physics department, department of applied physics, and physics teaching experimental center of Shenzhen University. It has four research institutes: Institute of Thin Film Physics and Application, Institute of Computational Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Applied Nuclear Technology and Institute of Isotope Application. It has two full time undergraduate program courses-physics and applied physics-and one master degree station of theoretical physics.

Now there are 53 staffs in the college. 11 of them are professors (including 2 PhD student supervisors), 20 of them are associate professors, 31 teachers are PhD holders, and an honorary professor, Dr. Gong Changde, who is an Academician. The guiding principle that College of Physical Science and Technology follows is “sound foundation, extensive knowledge, combining and digesting theories through experimental skills”. Therefore, freshman, sophomore shall take basic courses, while junior and senior will be educated on their interests and intended majors. The course programs were reorganized in 2008 and the new programs include the major of applied physics and physics. The major of applied physics is divided into 3 sub-fields, namely, applied information physics engineering, thin films and low-temperature plasma technology with their application, and applied nuclear technology, while that of physics contains normal education. What we are pursuing is to seek the origin of science and engineering, explore the truth of the universe, and nurture elite to have sound foundation, quick learning skills, high professional qualities, and high adaptive abilities.

Our students who are outstanding in both morality and learning will be rewarded with  university-level scholarships such as“Shenzhen University Scholarship”, “Nankai University Scholarship”, and “Samsung Scholarship”. They can also be rewarded with “Bona Fide” Scholarship and “Jitai stipend” which are available only to the students inside our college. With all these, the students outstanding in both morality and learning will have more opportunities to win scholarships.

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