Health Science Center (SZU HSC)


Approved by the Ministry of Education, Shenzhen University established the clinical medicine specialty and founded the School of Medicine in December 2008.

The educational philosophy of the School of Medicine is “Advanced, Elite, Leading, and Consummate”. Professor Zhong Nanshan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, has been appointed as Honorary Dean of the School of Medicine.

In order to further integrate subject resources, optimize the discipline organization and promote the development of medical sciences in SZU, the university decided to establish SZU Health Science Center (HSC) in April 2013. HSC consists of three schools (School of Basic Medical Sciences, School of Biomedical Engineering, and School of Nursing), two departments (Department of Pharmacy and Department of Preventive Medicine), two centers (Medical Research Center and Medical Humanistic Center), University Hospital, and affiliated hospitals. Professor Zhu Weiguo, a winner of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars and leader of national key projects, has been appointed as Dean of the Health Science Center. Professor Xie Miao serves as party secretary and Associate Dean of HSC.

About 61% of the faculty in HSC have overseas study or working experience, including a member of the National Academy of Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and Inventors, National “Thousand Talents Program” experts, national chief scientists, winners of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young Scholars, National Talents Program experts, winners of the Government Special Allowance, distinguished professors, PengCheng Scholars, members of the Assessment Committee of the National High Education Clinical Medicine, members of the Steering Committee of Biomedical Engineering Education, members of the Steering Committee of Public Health Education, members of the Assessment Group of National Natural Science Foundation of China and foreign faculty.

Started in Houhai campus, HSC is currently constructing new medical buildings in Xili campus, which occupy a construction area of 77,000 square meters and will be put into use in March 2017. The Affiliated Hospital of Shenzhen University, located near Xili campus, will open in the first half of 2017 and become an A-class hospital incorporating health care, teaching, research, prevention and international medical services.

With the rapid economic development and internalization of Shenzhen, biomedical industry, especially medical and health services, is in the critical period of accelerating construction, expanding scale and improving level, and has a high demand for medical talents. Therefore, graduates of HSC have broad employment prospects and development space.

Educational Philosophy and Objectives

  1. Educational Philosophy: Advanced, Elite, Leading, Consummate

  2. Objectives:

    HSC, while rooted in Shenzhen, is aimed at serving the whole country and becoming a high-level and characteristic medical school in China. We will develop comprehensive medical talents and biomedical engineering talents that possess solid theoretical knowledge in basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, pharmacy, preventive medicine, biomedical engineering and related fields, good professional ethics, humanistic quality and innovation spirit.

Degree Programs

  1. PhD programs:

    • Joint Biomedical PhD Program with Jena University: 10 students/ year. Students will spend at least one year at Jena University and receive PhD degrees from Jena University after dissertation defense.
    • Biomedical Information Processing
  2. First-level Discipline Master Programs:

    • Biomedical Engineering (approved in 2006)
    • Basic Medical Sciences (approved in 2016), including International Master Program in Molecular Medicine (started enrolling students from September 2017)
  3. Professional Master Programs:

    • Biomedical Engineering (approved in 2009)
    • Clinical Medicine (approved in 2014)
  4. Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

    • Clinical Medicine
    • Pharmacy
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Nursing

Currently, HSC has 957 undergraduates and 290 graduate students.