Normal College

Normal College of Shenzhen University was founded in 1995 after being accredited by Shenzhen Municipal Government and Guangdong Provincial Government. It is now home to Departments of Education, Psychology, Pre-school Education, Educational Information Technology, Art, Tourism Culture, Physical Education, Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and Fine Arts. These departments offer undergraduate programs in Pedagogy, Applied Psychology, Pre-school Education, Educational Information Technology, Musicology, Performing Art, Tourism Culture and practice, Physical Education, Chinese language and literature and Fine Arts.

Affiliated to Normal College are one middle schools, a kindergarten, a training center co-sponsored by Shenzhen University and Queen’s University in Belfast (SZU-QUB Training Center), an applied psychology research and consulting center, a Putonghua training and testing center, the TOEFL testing center, the Provincial Continuing Education Center for primary and middle school teachers in the city of Shenzhen, and 18 teaching and research practice centers, including 5 that are accredited by Guangdong Provincial Department of Education.

Normal College aspires to enhance its undergraduate and postgraduate programs through combining teacher education and disciplinary studies. To achieve this goal, the College will see to it that future students acquire both extensive knowledge of pedagogy and a mastery of practical teaching skills, and will extend teacher education to students who major in disciplinary studies other than teaching. In addition, the College will continue to offer quality part-time education programs for primary and middle school teachers of the city of Shenzhen.

Normal College will strive to respect all rights of the students, uphold the principles of equality between the teachers and students, free exchange of ideas and opinions, individualism, and independent thinking, and create an atmosphere of harmony and an assiduous work and study ethic. Putting teaching and students first, the Normal College determines to continue to contribute to the cause of higher education of Shenzhen.