School of Foreign Languages

The rapid development of higher education and the consequent college and department restructuring at Shenzhen Universitynecessitated the founding of the School of Foreign Languages in September of 2006. Young as the School is, its foreign language teaching and research programs are as old as the University: they started more than twenty years ago just when Shenzhen Universitymade her very first enrollment in 1983.

There are nine departments in the School of Foreign Languages: Department of English Foundation Courses, Department of Linguistics & Translation Studies, Department of Literary & Cultural Studies, Department of English Education, Department of Japanese, Department of Occidental Languages, the First Department of College English, the Second Department of College English, and Department of Graduate English.

At present the School of Foreign Languages enjoys an annual enrollment of about 1,000 undergraduate students in programs of English, English Education, and English & French (a bilingual program); over 200 undergraduate students in Japanese; and about 70 postgraduate students in programs of Linguistic & Applied Linguistics, and English Linguistics & Literature.

The two Departments of College English and the Department of Graduate English offer foundation English courses to about 12,000 undergraduate and 700 graduate students who major in disciplines other than foreign languages. In addition, foundation language courses are also offered in Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Korean through the School.