Oversea Ph.D Students Scholarships and Grants

International students for doctoral programs are awarded similar fellowships as other doctoral candidates, including:

  1. Tuition Waiver. Theoretical Economics: 26,000 RMB/ per person per year; optical Engineering & Information and Communications Engineering: 40,000 RMB/ per person per year. Students must hand in application forms and are awarded fellowships after their supervisor’s evaluation.
  2. Government scholarßships and university grants. Shenzhen University assists international doctoral candidates to apply for scholarships from national and local governments. Students should hand in their applications before deadlines if they are qualified for the scholarships. Those who do not get government scholarships, or with government scholarships lower than 10,000 RMB a year, are awarded university grants of 40,000 RMB a year. Students with government scholarships between 10,000 and 50,000 RMB a year are awarded university grants, which, plus the government scholarships, are no less than 50, 000 RMB per year.
  3. Research allowances from supervisors. Supervisors offer their international students for doctoral programs research allowances of no less than 12,000 RMB per year, for research and academic exchanges.
  4. Other scholarships. Students can apply for other scholarships of the university, including: academic scholarships, scholarships for research innovation and donated scholarships, etc.
    • A student can get more than a fellowship and scholarship if he / she is qualified.
    • Students can have preferential treatment such as scholarships, grants and low accommodation fees for the first extended year of study. Such preferential treatment is not available from the second extended year of study.